Welcome to my portfolio.

anton@hardloff.com or VK
What i can do professionaly:

  • play guitar
  • sing
  • mix any style song
  • mastering
  • compose music
  • put your song in any e-market (iTunes, Apple Music, Google Play and many others)

Here is some of releases published by me:


For contact use contact@hardloff.com or VK

My cover got more than 10k on SoundCloud

My albums in Apple Music and Google Play:


Alternative — inde — rock (music, lyrics, sound design, production)

Shanson grind core (guitars)

Shanson grind core (production)

Southern metal (guitars)

Metal (guitars, music, production)

Southern metal (guitars)

Drums’n’Bass — Rock (guitars)

Music for petry

Horror — Rap (music,mixing,production)

My mix for Pensado’s Place 2016 mixing competition

Mixing of live shows

My SoundCloud

For contact use anton@hardloff.com or VK